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Friday, February 10, 2012

I feel like I've been spanked.

I saw a dermatologist this week, hoping she would have answers for me. I wear an omnipod insulin pump, and the site change is every 3 days. The problem is, I have such HORRIBLY sensitive skin, that my skin doesn't react well to adhesive, especially when it comes time to take it off. My sites are swollen, red, and ITCHY. For DAYS. Until they eventually scab over, and then it's time to put the pod there again (I rotate sites). And I don't like the idea of putting a pod with super adhesive on skin that hasn't completely healed yet.

The derm recommended I use Vanicream or CeraVe cream to help heal those sites without irritation that can sometimes come with other lotions laden with either fragrance or are unscented but loaded with chemicals. So I went to Walgreens and bought one of each, to see which one I like better. So far, they are both awesome.

But anyway, back to the problem. I don't have any sites that AREN'T currently scabbed over, (which is why I haven't been wearing my CGM for a while), so I had to find a new spot. In comes the bum. The bum is one place I have never worn a pump.

And now I know why. When I first put it on, it was like, Wow, this is GREAT! I don't even FEEL it! But after one day, ouchie. My butt HURTS. I feel like I've been paddled. The burn/sting that won't go away. And a sort of pinch every time I bolus. Sitting down is fine, laying down is not fine. Doing side leg lifts on the floor- fine, doing crunches- not fine. Not sure I'm gonna put one on the other cheek tomorrow, when the site change is due. Sorry scabbed over arm/side/upper back/stomach, you're just going to have to deal with it.

I'll just keep using the creams and hope it helps heal the other sites up before it's their turn.

Anyone know how to heal up those areas more quickly???

P.S. I didn't enclose an image like I usually do for a post, because you can't imagine the images that came up when I googled "spanking" or "spank." #NotSoonForgotten.


  1. Have you ever tried your legs? Isaac wears his there sometimes.Sorry that you are having so much trouble...Glad you found some good cream!

  2. Hi, my 4 year old has sensitive skin and wears pods. Fortunately, we have not had an issue yet with irritation, but I did do a lot of research prior to her pump start to prepare in case she did have a problem. The best advice I found was to use Tegaderm Film (2 3/8” x 2 3/4” size) under the pods. I have read where some people will cut a small hole in the film where the needle goes through, but our pod trainer said that is not necessary- the needle will just pop right through it. Tegaderm is expensive OTC (about $1 per strip) but we recently found out our insurance covers them in boxes of 100! We have been using them to secure falling off pods and they pull off much easier than the pod tape.

    As for the pod tape, we always use Unisolve to remove it. We soak the old pod with it, let it sit while doing the new pod, and then the old pod just slides right off with no pain. The only time we didn’t use it (on the demo pod) she did get a bright red blister. Our insurance covers Unisolve in both wipes and bottles.

    And anytime she does have irritated skin, any OTC hydrocortisone cream clears it right up! We were told to use it sparingly, but it is a miracle for when her skin gets very irritated and painful.

    Hope any of this might help!

  3. I have the same problem. My doctor recommended a clear deordorant to roll on before inserting and if that doesn't work I use a prescription allergy nose spray on my skin. It works real well with the redness. Sometimes it itches after I take the set out but it's not nearly as scabby as it is when I don't use the spray. I would try a cream for dermatitis for when you have scabs.