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I'm a glass-half-full type of girl. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, grave's disease and celiac disease in 2010 and life-altering allergies in 2013. I believe having a positive attitude is the only way to live with dis-ease. I also believe that life doesn't have to be PERFECT for it to be WONDERFUL. Dis-ease is expensive, so I live a frugal yet healthy lifestyle. This is just my blog; my day-to-day story.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sick Peeps.

No, not that kind of peep. I'm talking about the peeps that sit in the cube cages next to you at work. You know, the ones with the semi-short walls and ugly fabric. And more specifically, I'm talking about when those peeps come to work SICK. In a word, STOP IT. If you are hacking your brains out, blowing your nose incessently, have no voice, and saying you have a fever, don't come to work. WE, YOUR COWORKERS, DON'T WANT YOUR FUNK. And if you need a couple reasons to justify staying home, I have a couple for you. Firstly, I don't think a 'coughing net' that I can put over my cube has been invented yet. In which case, all your nasty cough-germs are coming over my short-walled cube and landing on my head. Second, I think I could get charged with assault (or at the very least, fired) if I attacked you with a forced Clorox wipe wipedown. Third, I am diabetic. What is an annoying 3-day cold for you could turn into a nuclear blow out for me, which could include it turning into a cold that lasts TWO OR THREE WEEKS, accompanied by unmanageable high blood sugars, extra doctor visits, and ultimately, maybe if I'm lucky, a nice stay at the hospital.

So please, ppl, STAY HOME.

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