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I'm a glass-half-full type of girl. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, grave's disease and celiac disease in 2010 and life-altering allergies in 2013. I believe having a positive attitude is the only way to live with dis-ease. I also believe that life doesn't have to be PERFECT for it to be WONDERFUL. Dis-ease is expensive, so I live a frugal yet healthy lifestyle. This is just my blog; my day-to-day story.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A look in my fridge.

I like to do this blog subject every once in a while, and I wish more bloggers would do this, too. Aren't you curious what other people eat?

I want to show you what this diabetic/celiac/allergic-girl eats.

This is basically what my fridge looks like at the beginning of every week. It's full of veggies, because I do my grocery shopping over the weekend.

A break down of the left and right sides

Nothing too exciting going on in here. On the left, hormone-free eggs (3 dozen), hummus, dairy free cheeses, Zevia soda, tofu, GF tortillas (Rudi's brand), and a few veggies. On the right GF bread (Glutino multi-seed bread), Bragg's liquid aminos, Litehouse dressing, almond milk, Bragg's Braggberry dressing, guacamole salsa, earth balance butter, soy creamer, raw sauerkraut, red hot, ketchup and fresh green juice. Also, a Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar drink, Limeade flavored. It's straight up vinegar and lime juice. I was pulling faces drinking it like the first time I drank tequila. It's not for the faint hearted. But it's so good for you!

In the drawers, just more veggies, organic gala apples and some bagged salad

If you are wondering where the meat is, it's in the freezer. I have chicken sausage in there along with organic chicken breasts.

The green juice was transferred into this for freshness for the day

This is what I put in my green juice I used 2 apples in the batch instead of 3, about 4-5 romaine leaves, 3 cucumbers, 1 broccoli stalk, 3-4 stalks of celery.

I drank it out of a wine glass afterwards

After I cleaned and dried the lettuce, I put everything in bags for the week. I also pre-cleaned and bagged up my individual juicing combinations for quicker juicing this week. I packed my salad for lunch for the next day, too.

Then there was the cleanup from juicing

Lastly, today was my first day at work

I put a potty pad down for my dog, since my drive to work is longer and I didn't want her to have an accident. But apparently the purpose of the potty pad was lost on her.

But at least there were no potty accidents! Today was a good first day. It helped ease some of the worry I had about whether I made the right decision (I need to stop second guessing myself all the time). My mind is fried from cramming so much new information in it. It's time to go sit on the couch and watch some mindless tv.


  1. What interesting thing too do. I know my fridge is really not that exciting either. I hope you had a great first day at work.

    1. Thank you Tarra! It went good! Nice place and nice people. Successfully hid all the diseases today. Not quite ready to tell anyone about them yet. We'll see how tomorrow goes :)

  2. Looking inside my fridge is like looking for something to eat at Dairy Queen. There are four (sometimes five) of us in the house, and I'm the only one with diabetes, so much of what's inside isn't for me.

    Glad your first day at work went OK! (Or, things went OK at home while you were at work). I start a new job next Monday. It's a bit nervewracking....

    1. You are starting a new job too? I'm excited for your new adventure! New job is always a bit nervewracking but there is also a real thrill that comes with it. I hope it goes well!

  3. Congrats on your first day at work and yes, if I put a wee-wee pad in a foreign environment for my dog, he sees it suddenly as a nap spot too! I will never show the inside of my fridge because it is a lonely and scary place. Believe me, we are all better off not looking at it. Congrats again!

  4. I would take a pic of my fridge, but it's practically empty in preparation for vacation! Cute outfit!

  5. Firstly, loving the outfit! Secondly - how do you get that green juice down? Looks loike Hulk juice! Wish I had the dicipline to eat as healthy as you do. But being the only diabetic in the house, there is always a lot of unhealthy food in the fridge- temptations! I'll have to put my foot down next time we go grocery shopping!

  6. Checking in a day late. :)