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I'm a glass-half-full type of girl. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, grave's disease and celiac disease in 2010 and life-altering allergies in 2013. I believe having a positive attitude is the only way to live with dis-ease. I also believe that life doesn't have to be PERFECT for it to be WONDERFUL. Dis-ease is expensive, so I live a frugal yet healthy lifestyle. This is just my blog; my day-to-day story.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm back...

I took a bloggy break to manage life stuff, but I'll have a post up later today...


  1. Girl..where are you!? Yes, post again! Hope you are doing well, happy valentine's day! : ) Holly

  2. Nikki

    Thank you for your blog i have been reading it from start to Finnish,You have been through so much,You really should write self help book for other Celiac diabetes sufferers i have nephew who was DX Celiac at age of two months,Like you i have a folders for my different problems at least i know were everything is when i visit my health team when i travel back to the UK i cant wiat when i can access all my med records online and using it that way on digital,My wife said your are smart highly intelligent and beaterful inside and out as a human with a zest for life and problem solving,What you have gone through with employment and find your self another job and getting on with it and life,Way you alos make your money last looking at your med bill and fees from the MAYO CLINIC i thought oh my god,Am lucky i live in japan and UK and we pay through tax for our healthcare and our meds also,We also love your humour and your attention to detail,My sister inlaw said something she was DX with T1 at 3 months and was told no one in japan will never want her as a wife because of diabetes,She said you will find some one who love you for you and nothing else,She been married 22 years she was told by her endo when she was 11 that she would not hit 30 years of age and she will never be able to have children,She is 43 has two wonderful children in there 20s.Mishi proved that endo wrong,

    Your are in me and my wife and SIL hart and soul


    Gareth and AKIKO and MISHI xx

    PS that me https://twitter.com/majorgc

  3. We spoke on Wednesday in weekly chat i was one whose step daughter was DX with graves she also has other blood problems ETC.